The Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid genital warts treatment

genital wart treatmentAs the name of this product suggests, Duofilm Liquid is a genital warts treatment that contains salicylic acid which is a substance rather dangerous to use for people with sensitive skin, poor blood circulation, diabetes or irritations in the genital area. Besides the acidic substance, this product also contains alcohol, meaning that it will completely dry out the area that you are trying to heal along with the warts. Due to these substances, Duofilm Liquid is not recommended for the use of children, pregnant women or people that have certain genital difficulties. However, it can prove to be useful for people that have cauliflower clusters of genital warts.

In addition, because it contains salicylic acid and alcohol, it also means that this product can be used in the treatment of the warts on the rest of your skin.

The best method to apply this genital warts treatment

Before the treatment it is advisable that you soak the infected area in warm water for about five minutes and then let the skin dry. After the skin has dried out completely, apply one drop of Duofilm Liquid and wait for it to dry. It is important that you respect the recommended dosage on the products label so that you do not create any further damage to the infected areas.

A rather common problem found with this product is related to the shipping of the products, as some people complain that the substance was leaking out of the box and when they opened it there was not much left. The opinions of the people that tried out this genital warts treatment vary a lot, as Duofilm Liquid has completely removed the warts for some, while for other people it is just another unsuccessful and painful experience.

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