Genital Warts Treatment- Take Care Of Yourself, As Well As Your Loved One (S)


For many people, seeking genital warts treatment and advice is embarrassing, but it should not be. Genital warts are very common (studies show that between 500.000-1.000.000 people get genital warts per year).


They are lumps that appear around the genital area and the anus, as well as in the mouth. These lumps are caused by various types of the human papilloma virus (HPV), around 90% being the effect of HPV types 6 and 11. These two types are known to be the most common and related to nasal, oral, conjunctiva and laryngeal warts.


These warts are orally transmitted from one person to another, mostly during sexual intercourse. Usually, they manifest no symptoms whatsoever, however, depending on the size and location, they can produce an intense itching sensation that can get also very painful.


Is Genital Warts Treatment Necessary?


Mostly, people choose to treat genital warts either because they create a certain sense of discomfort during sexual intercourse, or simply because of their unpleasant aspect. The main reason for treating these lumps is to appease the symptoms, and, eventually, remove them.


The sole effect of the treatment is to reduce the effects of HPV, but not to completely eliminate it. In case these warts are left untreated, they may heal on their own (in this case, your body fights the virus), remain unchanged, or increase in size.


There are several methods of treatment for genital warts, depending on various factors, such as the size of the warts, the number, the morphology, the price of the treatment, the side-effects, and, especially, the experience of the health care provider.


  • The person suffering from genital warts can treat it at home, by directly applying the medicine on the affected surface.
  • Cryotheraphy is another method of treatment, which, basically, consists of freezing the warts and requires the assistance of the health care provider.
  • Electro cauterization – burning off the warts.
  •  Surgery or laser treatment.
  • Injections with interferon.


Precaution measures during and after treatment:


  •   It is important to wash your hands before and after touching the warts;
  •   Avoid sexual contact if it is uncomfortable;
  •   In case of discomfort, use cold compresses, or take Ibuprofen.


Whatever genital warts treatment you choose, discuss it with your physician.

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