Genital Warts Treatment – What You Should Know about This Condition

genital warts

Genital Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. This infection is extremely contagious and is a highly sexually transmitted disease. Yet, with the help of a physician or a pharmacist, a suitable genital warts treatment can be found.

How Do We Get Infected with The Virus?

It is transmitted usually through sexual intercourse regardless of the type (oral, genital or anal).  Also, it can spread from mother to fetus, or by self-infection, when scratching areas with warts and then touching the healthy areas of the body.

General Aspects of Genital Warts Treatment

Being a viral infection, it cannot be cured permanently. It is treated symptomatically with creams or tinctures recommended only by the physician, or, in some cases, warts can disappear naturally. However, an infected person cannot have the guarantee that, after treatment, the warts will never appear again.

Procedures of removing warts:

1. Electric knife (electro cautery) – burns the wart using electricity; it is done by cutting the skin wart using a scalpel;

2. Laser therapy – burn the wart using a powerful source of light;

3. Cryotherapy – uses a liquid at very low temperatures to freeze the wart.

When having a relationship, the treatment should be applied to both partners. Total abstinence is recommended during the time that the warts are present on the body.

It is possible, although not proven, for a connection to exist between warts and cervical cancer, therefore, women infected with papilloma must go to the gynecologist for regular Pap testing.

When it affects the vaginal or cervix area, this condition may make it impossible for a woman to give birth naturally.

When using a genital warts treatment it is recommended to ask for medical advice first, to avoid side effects and ensure optimum results.

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