The Importance of Understanding the Different Types of Genital Warts Treatment

genitals wartsWith more and more people suffering from genital warts because of thoughtless actions or sheer bad luck, the idea of educating the public on the subject of genital warts treatment has become rather widespread.

This also serves to raise awareness regarding the fact that most people, when confronted with the painful possibility of suffering from an STD, do not seem to fully understand the many aspects involved in treating such an ailment. General treatment usually has the chance of visibly clearing warts. However, the method of therapy obviously depends on the state of the STD.

1. Patient Applied Therapy

The earliest stages of the condition are, obviously, the easiest to treat, without requiring surgical intervention. In cases such as this, it is highly recommended to apply certain creams which boost your body’s immunity, such as Imiquimod or Podofilox, on the affected area.

However, it is also important to mention that, in the case of pregnant women, the use of these types of creams is not advised at all, since it can lead to numerous birth defects and complications.

2. Surgical Removal

Usually considered the most effective genital warts treatment there is, surgical excision of warts is only advised in more severe situations, such as when the warts are widespread or they keep recurring even after other treatments.

Despite this, the procedure is not as painful or complicated as it sounds. It is usually performed in a doctor’s office or at a clinic. However, even though healing only takes around 3 or 4 weeks, scarring might occur and, therefore, cause aesthetic problems.

3. Cryotherapy

Wart cryotherapy is a good alternative to surgery or any other treatments which only clear the warts temporarily. The procedure consists of the abnormal cells being frozen with liquid nitrogen. This form of genital warts treatment appears to be as effective as the surgical alternative. However, in order to fully get rid of the warts, more than one application will be needed.

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